Thiago Glieger, AIF, ChFEBC℠

Private Wealth Advisor

Thiago Glieger, AIF, ChFEBC℠

Thiago spent the early portion of his career as a Principal for a broker-dealer, supervising broker-dealer accounts totaling over $10 billion. While there, he developed his expertise on a higher level of total wealth management and financial planning. Thiago joined Risk Management Group in order to serve clients directly, expanding his base of customized wealth management and financial planning strategies to provide to clients.

Thiago takes a multi-dimensional wealth management approach to his clients. He understands that there are many moving parts to someone’s entire financial picture, and that the best outcome for them comes from understanding how all of those pieces influence each other.

Thiago’s certifications as an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®), Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC®), and his extensive study in behavioral economics allows him to lead clients through a unique process to understand their finances and guide them to make the right decisions. He understands that money is a tool to allow us to live comfortably and safely, and to help us accomplish the goals we’ve set for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Thiago’s specialized training and expertise in federal compensation and benefits packages allows him to offer elevated advice to Feds and former Feds. The rules and opportunities afforded by the CSRS and FERS systems are unlike one another, and unlike any other pension. TSP is different than other 401Ks, IRAs and other retirement investment vehicles. Having these benefits entirely changes how your investments and other financial planning topics should be discussed and established.

Thiago is multi-lingual, an avid cyclist, and daring and accomplished chef in the kitchen. He and his bride Sofy recently relocated to Columbia, MD from downtown where they appreciate the pace and space of suburban living.