What We Do

We believe the best financial strategy simplifies your life and maximizes your potential, empowering you to live life fearlessly on your terms, every day.

At RMG, we look at everything in your life that has a dollar sign attached – your investments, taxes, insurance, philanthropic donations, spending habits – anything and everything that can impact your financial future. It’s that holistic approach that makes us more than typical wealth managers. Think of us as your enthusiastic family CFO.

Life Transition Planning

We help you financially prepare for major life events, both those that we anticipate and those that take us by surprise. Proper planning help work toward  financial safety during and after such events, whether joyous or sad.

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Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce is all about money and children, so why should it be handled exclusively by lawyers? We provide professional support and guidance, empowering you through every stage of the process and beyond.

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Planning for Federal Employees

We help you maximize your FERS, TSP, FEHB, FEGLI, spousal, Social Security, and other benefits so that you may enjoy the lifestyles you’ve earned and a financially secure life after service.

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Fiduciary Advisors

Our specialists include CFP® and AIF® professionals. That means you receive impartial advice, and your needs come first. Always.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We’ll help you create a blueprint that represents the life you’d like to live, and together we’ll define your objectives and gear your wealth toward attaining them.

Investment Management

Investors are likely to be more successful when supported by a team of experienced professionals, due to skills and behavioral biases. As financial behaviorists, we work toward helping you avoid may common pitfalls.

Retirement Planning

Many people worry they’ll outlive their money. We’ll help you create a plan designed to support you for a lifetime, and then show you how to invest in a way to sustain this plan.

Enhanced Tax Management

Tax-efficient investing can considerably enhance your returns, enabling you to keep more of what you earn. We help leverage tax strategies to maximize after-tax returns.

Safety Nets & Insurance

The right insurance coverage protects your future, helping to mitigate unexpected risks at a reasonable cost. We can advise on coverages in the areas of life, health, business and P&C.

Legacy Management

By reviewing your documents and collaborating with your legal counsel, we help work toward ensuring your estate is protected and directed with your intended stewardship for the next generation.

Strategic Partnerships

We work with other professionals to safeguard and enhance your financial position, either with your team or introducing you to trusted professionals with whom our clients have worked with.

Banking & Credit Solutions

Debt is also an investment class, when used well and wisely. A variety of lending strategies are available to our clients. We review your credit use and options and analyze how they fit into your overall portfolio.

Philanthropic & Impact Investing

We can help you gift wisely during and beyond your lifetime by implementing various strategies. We also help you invest responsibly by excluding investments you find morally and ethically reprehensible.

Education & Empowerment

Our goal is to give you knowledge and skills to increase your comfort level and opportunity to be successful. We guide you to make wise, goal-oriented decisions, using your heart and brain in tandem.

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