How We Work

Cookie-cutter isn’t our style – unless they’re homemade.

At RMG, we know that one-size-fits-all planning fits no one at all. A look-at-it-from-all-angles plan – grounded in wisdom with a healthy dose of creative thinking – can help you make the most of your money, today and tomorrow.

We understand your needs and goals by asking thought provoking questions and getting to the root of what matters to you most. We involve you in the process so you understand the role your money plays in your goals. And, together, we develop a plan that’s just right for you.

Helping You Navigate Life’s Journey. Especially the twists and turns.

For some, the very real fear that they’ll outlive their money when they retire prevents them from enjoying the lifestyle they’ve earned. For others, an unforeseen event – like a divorce or sudden illness – shatters their sense of financial security and peace of mind.

Even a financial windfall – like selling a successful business, collecting, or receiving an inheritance – can cause you to wonder how this might impact your lifestyle now and in the future. Is there a way to enjoy it, but still keep it safe and working for your family in the years to come?

Even though no one can predict the future, you can properly plan for it. As your course changes, we make sure your plan remains focused on what matters.

We keep our eye on the big picture – seeing the forest as well as the trees – to give you clarity about where you are now, and confidence to move forward toward your goals. We stay on top of your wealth strategies, while always keeping your objectives in sight – through changes in your world and in the world at large.

Your Needs Come First… by Definition

Fiduciary: (noun) An individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect their money and must therefore act solely for that person’s benefit.

It’s not only a legal duty, it’s an ethical one – and we take it very seriously. It’s just how we do business.

Fluent in Collaboration…

We speak banker. We speak lawyer. We speak accountant. But most importantly, we speak collaboration… working closely with your team of professionals to create integrated, comprehensive solutions on your behalf.

If needed, we can also introduce you to specialists who share our commitment to quality – the right professionals at the right time to guide you through important financial decisions as they arise.

Whether we work alone or as part of your team, we make sure the focus starts and ends with your goals. We keep all the pieces moving in sync, meshing seamlessly together to help achieve your desired results, while partnering with you along the way.

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