Life-Transition Planning


For some people, retirement is an opportunity to pursue
their passions – to experience adventure, volunteer in ways that add meaning, or spend treasured time with friends and family. For others, retirement is surprisingly challenging – for those who define themselves by their productivity, this sudden freedom can feel more like a loss than an opportunity.

Planning for retirement is a critical financial goal, but a good retirement plan is far more than that. We work closely with you to help you have the resources and direction to make the most out of your retirement, so you can confidently enjoy this new phase of life, every day.

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Making clear-headed decisions when emotions are running high is never easy. And when you need to make financial choices that will affect the rest of your life – as you do during divorce – having a caring and experienced financial professional at your side can help you remain protected, now and in the years to come.

We are divorce financial planning specialists, trained in mediation. We make sure that every decision you make during your divorce considers both short-term needs and long-term outcomes. You want to get on with your life. Divorce financial planning can help you move forward wisely and well.

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Unexpected Money

A sudden financial windfall can seem like good fortune, whether it comes from the lottery, a business success, or an inheritance. But for many people, unexpected money evaporates quickly, leaving problems in its wake. We can help you develop a plan and the skills to be a good steward of your assets. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to effectively partner with us as we manage these assets to support your lifestyle for today – and a safe, protected tomorrow.

Illness and Long Term Care

Few things pose a greater risk to a family’s legacy than being unprepared for a long or serious illness. Dealing with serious illness is difficult enough without the added burden of financial uncertainty. Good planning can help protect both your assets and well-being by creating contingency plans for care needs that protect your financial security.

“People who have experienced a long-term care situation in their family want to talk about this risk before anything else. People who have not had such an experience often cannot understand the need, or the peace of mind this kind of protection can provide.”
– Jamie Lapin, President, RMG Advisors


The loss of a spouse is traumatic. Grief makes it hard to think clearly, and there is so much to decide. Often, spouses who were less hands-on with the family’s finances may struggle with handling day-to-day expenses, let alone the challenges of handling the estate. Consequently, they face a large learning curve at a difficult time.

Our compassionate and experienced financial professionals are here for you, providing support and guidance as you navigate the legal, financial, and emotional challenges that you’ll face over the coming months. We’ll be here to educate, empower and assist you to be financially confident to handle these things down the road.

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