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Understand the Financial Aspects
of Your Divorce

For the first time ever, Family Law Software - the national leader in divorce related financial software - has created Divorce Financial Planner, a version that can be used by untrained individuals facing the uncertainty of divorce to get a feel for the choices and outcomes available to them in the process. It's on a subscription basis - only pay for it as long as you need it.

Divorce Financial Planner Can Help Answer your Questions

What will I get or pay?

What will I get or pay?

(child and spousal support)

  • Spousal support calculations as enacted by the state.
  • Complete and accurate calculations, the same ones used by more attorneys nationwide than any other software.
Will I have enough money to live?

Will I have enough money to live?

(budgeting and cash flow)

  • Get realistic after-tax cash flow estimates for both parties.
  • Will the other party be doing better than they claim?
  • Understand whether or not you will be financially okay.
  • If not, consider your strategy moving forward, whether that means reducing your spending, increasing your income or negotiating for more.
  • Use the software to create different scenarios to visualize how changes in work, mortgage, childcare, health insurance and support can impact your financial future.

Complete and Accurate Calculations, the Same Ones Used by More Attorneys Nationwide Than Any Other Software

You and your spouse no longer sit on the same side of the table when it comes to decisions for yourselves and your family. The more facts are available to you the less likely that the process will be wastefully adversarial, whether or not lawyers are involved.

Court generally views finances in a snapshot mode focusing on this moment of your life. Isn’t what comes after what you’re really concerned about?

Can I/should I keep the home?

Can I/should I keep the home?

  • For people who own their home, this is one of the most common questions asked in a divorce.
  • Divorce Financial Planner can help you answer it.
  • Just enter information about your mortgage, your incomes and your other expenses, and check out the cash flow bottom line.
  • If it is positive, thumbs up, you made it!
  • If not, you can go back to the drawing board. Are there expenses you can reduce? What if you change alimony? There’s no limit to the number of scenarios you can try.
  • Divorce Financial Planner is doing all the heavy number crunching, including a mortgage amortization and a detailed calculation of the tax aspects of the mortgage.
  • So you see the real after-tax impact, and you know whether you will be able to keep your home or not.
What about the future?

What about the future?


  • See how your cash flow will be when support ends.
  • Will you run out of money?
  • How do different choices you might make today affect the future?

Knowledge is Power. The Better you Understand the Financial Implications of your Divorce, the More Likely you are to Have an Outcome that Suits your Needs.

How should we divide our assets and debts?

How should we divide our assets and debts?

(property division)

  • What would a 50/50 allocation look like?
  • Figure out what assets work best for you.
  • Prepare for your negotiation by creating scenarios that work for you.
Save money.

Save money.

  • Divorce is expensive
  • Divorce Financial Planner will save you many hours of attorney time.
  • You can use it to understand your financial issues yourself, instead of having them explained to you at your attorney’s
    high hourly rate.

We listen more.

We help you understand more.

So that you can worry less.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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