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Life-Transition Planning

Life changes can be exciting and fun, but sometimes they can be unexpected and difficult. Our team of experts are specialized to walk through each step of these times in life with you.



For some people, retirement is an opportunity to pursue their passions: to experience adventure, offer their services in ways that are meaningful or useful to the community, or to spend treasured time with those they love. For others, retirement is surprisingly uncomfortable. For people who have felt driven on and committed to their work, the sudden freedom can feel more like a loss than an opportunity.

Planning for retirement is a critical financial goal - but a good retirement plan is never just financial. We want to ensure that you have the resources and the direction to make the most out of your retirement.

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Making clear-headed decisions when emotions are running high is never easy. If you're making a financial decision that will affect you for a lifetime, there should be a credentialed financial professional by your side.

Our experts are divorce financial planning specialists and trained in mediation. We help ensure the decisions made in your divorce consider long-term outcomes as well as short-term resolution. You want to get on with your life. Divorce financial planning can help you to do so wisely and well.

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The loss of a spouse is devastating. Grief makes it hard to think clearly, and there is so much to decide. Often, spouses who were not involved in the financial life of the family may not have a clear sense either of the size or the obligations of the estate. There may be a large learning curve at a difficult time.

Our compassionate professionals are here for you as you walk bravely through the morass of legal, accounting, emotional and financial challenges that will take up much of this next year.

<strong>Sudden Money</strong>

Sudden Money

A windfall always seems like a great thing, whether it comes from the lottery, a business success, or an inheritance. But for too many people, sudden money seems to evaporate quickly - leaving trouble in its wake. Planning and management of a windfall doesn't mean withholding your dreams - or your daily latte. We can help manage those assets to support your lifestyle today and a safe tomorrow.

<strong>Illness and Long Term Care</strong>

Illness and Long Term Care

Nothing poses a greater risk to a family's legacy than being unprepared for a long or serious illness. Good planning protects your assets and your well-being by creating contingency plans for care needs to ensure that your assets are protected. Jamie explains, “when a family has experienced catastrophic illness, it is central to their concerns when they walk in the door. It’s the most fortunate families who can be most vulnerable - because they don’t immediately understand their vulnerability.”

Dealing with serious illness is a difficult enough process without financial uncertainty. We want to make sure that every family is as prepared as they can be for this challenge - so that after illness, life can again be comfortable and secure.

What change in your life can we help you navigate?

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